Trends Shaping the Modern #CREcosystem

by Craig Hancock, CEO and Co-founder at RealMassive The commercial real estate industry has reached an inflection point as traditional business practices succumb to market pressures that new technologies are creating. Despite negative rhetoric around lagging adoption rates in Commercial Real Estate (CRE), we see professionals discovering clever ways to leverage data transparency and real-time

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4 Tips to Reach Millennials in #CRE

by Jenn Hoffman, Partner Relations at RealMassive There has been a lot of noise about millennials lately. How to hire, how to keep, how to market to them, what they like, what they don’t like. Ready or not, their influence as consumers and as employees is growing in power. According to Forbes, there are millions of

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The Walkability Premium – How Walkability is Impacting #CRE Value

by Evan Santos, Partner Relations at RealMassive As urban commercial real estate markets continue to see growth, the concept of “walkability” is playing a critical role in the evaluation of new opportunities. Today, walkability is a well known concept. The benefits of walkability are well documented and range from reducing greenhouse gases emissions to improving public

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Spark District – Urban Core in #DTJAX

by Evan Santos, Partner Relations at RealMassive Downtown Jacksonville has emerged as the region’s Innovation District – a dense urban environment where anchor institutions and companies cluster and connect with start-ups, business incubators and accelerators. Physically compact, transit-accessible, technically-wired and blossoming with arts and culture, Downtown Jacksonville offers the right resources to foster creativity, ideas, collaboration

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4 Emerging Retail Trends to Look Out for in 2016

by Evan Santos, Partner Relations at RealMassive The retail ecosystem is undergoing a massive reconstruction. The consumer economy is being influenced by changes in technology, demographics, globalization, economic and environmental realities amongst a host of other retail trends. Changing consumer behaviors are driving change in space use, locations, and demand levels at an accelerated pace. The

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