Austin Things to Know and Do for Visiting CRE Pros

The first quarter of 2018 has been a busy time here in Austin’s CRE world. One of our favorite events, the CORFAC 2018 Spring Conference, is coming up on February 28 – March 3. And while we’re looking forward to connecting with the best and brightest international network of independently-owned and entrepreneurial brokerage firms that

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The Benefits of Real-Time Data Management: Save Time & Increase Accuracy

It’s not a stretch to say that business happens in real-time. Doors open and possibilities present themselves at a moment’s notice, and inaction can mean missed opportunities. At the same time, information has become one of our most valuable commodities. Without accurate, up-to-date data, decision-making is instinctual rather than informed. These facts are leading commercial

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Getting Started in Commercial Real Estate in Today’s Modern Economy Many Opportunities Exist

Commercial real estate deals often take a lot longer than residential transactions, but each deal is (often) much more lucrative. Commercial real estate is a varied segment that encompasses so many different types of properties: shopping centers, office buildings, warehouses, and lots more. There are many avenues to explore if you’re a newcomer wanting to

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Why You Should Add Video to Your CRE Listing: Video paints a true picture and drives leads

Commercial real estate listings are all about the visuals. High-quality photos are obviously essential, but adding a video to your listing takes it up a notch. A video walk-through gives prospective buyers or leasers a real-life perspective of the property. It provides much more detail and description of the building than photos alone  can. Viewers

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