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The Website: An Under-Utilized Tool in Economic Development

It’s a digital-first world and many economic development organizations (EDOs) aren’t living in it. These often under-staffed, under-funded and under-appreciated organizations are tasked with building and growing the communities where we live and play. With so many priorities, managing an effective digital presence is often executed “when time permits.” RealMassive is currently conducting a survey

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The Ultimate Relocation Checklist

If you’ve considered moving your corporate office, retail store or other commercial business, you know how overwhelming the preparation and planning of relocation can be. And the bigger the company, the more challenging the task. To keep the move moving, get your employees up and running in their new space as quickly as possible. Also, it’s

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HQ2 | Lessons Learned from the Amazon Sweepstakes

All eyes have been on Amazon as they’ve journeyed in a very public way for HQ2. The decision has been made. (congratulations, New York and Arlington!). Now, it’s worth assessing what commercial real estate investors and economic development offices can learn from the HQ2 Sweepstakes. First and foremost, it’s important to keep in mind what

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Entrepreneurs & Economic Development Offices: A Symbiotic Relationship

Entrepreneurs possess a spirit and enthusiasm for growth and innovation comparable to that of a community’s economic development office. While both parties are ultimately working towards a similar goal, their paths may not cross early or often enough. In order for entrepreneurs to achieve business success and economic development organizations (EDOs) to achieve community growth,

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