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RealMassive is commercial real estate’s real-time data provider and marketplace. Our innovative solutions provide access to the latest commercial real estate listings and offer visibility into market activity across the United States. With updated data delivered daily, investors, lenders, economic development organizations, tax professionals and brokers can easily stay ahead of trends.

Identify National Trends

Monitor lease and sale asking rates and property availability in your city, region or across the country to spot weekly market trends and shifts.

Customize Your Data

Get only the data you need to drive your business. Custom datasets allow you to receive information on specific zip codes, asset types — and even property size and price.

Data Without Limitations

Listing data can be delivered multiple times a week via CSV/Excel or API, and can be integrated with your existing tools so you can use our data with any other source — including your own.

Data that informs, reinforces and enhances.

Monitor market behaviors and changes every week to stay ahead of the curve. Relying only on historical market data or quarterly reports to inform valuations or track availability can result in missed opportunities. Access to real-time, on-market comparable listings provides instant visibility into market performance.

With over 90 data points per available listing, your insight is extensive and offers a complete picture of each property. Insights Include:

Listing Data:

Up to 100 Data Points Available Per Listing

  • Asset Type
  • Acquisition Type
  • List price/rate
  • Primary Use
  • Building Class
  • Operating expenses (OPEX)
  • Available square footage
  • Lease terms
  • Capitalization rate
  • Broker Contact Information

Property Data:

Up to 150 Data Points Available for 30 Million+ Properties

  • Owner Name & Contact Information
  • Tax History
  • Property Details
  • Sales History
  • Comps
  • Location

Who benefits from our commercial real estate data?

Professionals in a variety of fields find value in the up-to-date commercial real estate listing data we can provide.

Analyze market asking rates and sale prices to stay ahead of market adjustments and identify opportunities to maximize portfolio value.

Evaluate market conditions and trends against the appraised value to manage risk.

Evaluate market conditions and trends — locally, regionally and nationwide — to ensure buyers won’t end up under water. Identify weak markets and help advise current and future investors.

Leverage on-market comparable properties and real-time trends to inform valuations during the underwriting process.

See what comparable properties are currently on-market to assist with validating appraised and assessed values.

Economic development organizations and chambers of commerce leverage data to identify industry growth opportunities and syndicate listings to their websites.

Validate local knowledge and expertise by having access to up-to-date market activity without hours of research.

See how CRE data can enrich your business offerings.

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How we gather listing data

Our process is designed to acquire commercial property listings from any online or offline source. It is ongoing — and continually growing and improving. Here’s how it works:

Sourcing The Data

We gather listing data from three sources:

Commercial Brokerages

Commercial brokerages submit listings and updates directly via API to the RealMassive database.


Brokers from the top companies enter and manage their listings directly in RealMassive.

Industry Sources

Industry sources and technology enable us to capture and refresh listing data in real-time from online and offline sources.

Processing The Data


Monitor lease and sale asking rates and property availability in your city, region or across the country to spot weekly market trends and shifts.



Our data ingestion process instantly checks for duplicate listings, copyrighted images and data errors to ensure the most accurate view of the market.



We take unstructured listing data and organize it into a standard structure so customers can easily integrate with their existing data sets.



Advanced technology validates that each listing in our database is active, free from copyright claims and that the specific data points reflect the latest information.



Listing data can be augmented with additional property, demographic and tenant information to provide a complete view of the opportunity.


Delivering the Results

We can deliver listing data to you through your choice of:

Raw Data

Comprehensive market data can be delivered via CSV/Excel format and customized based on your data needs.


Connect directly to our API for automatic delivery of your customized listing dataset.

GIS Software

We can deliver CRE listing data directly to your website using Geographic Information Systems (GIS), mapping solutions or data visualization software.

Hosted Solutions

We can provide a secure, cloud-hosted solution that displays only the property listings customers need to share on their website or conduct market research.

Insights you need to be confident in your work.

With access to real-time commercial property listing data, you get an up-to-date snapshot of not only your market but multiple markets around the country. You also have access to information about specific asset classes, amenities and property types — completely customized by you according to your needs.

The work we do can augment your own first-party information and can be ingested into other tools to help elevate your regional knowledge. It can also help you monitor trends and behaviors — so you’re always on top of shifts in the market.

Get access to data that works for you.

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