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May 3, 2017

3 Reasons Every Commercial Property Should Have a Strong Online Presence

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3 Reasons Every Commercial Property Should Have a Strong Online Presence

Are you taking advantage of the most powerful resource in your commercial real estate marketing arsenal?

The digital presence of each one of your properties has become critical to help attract and convert potential tenants and investors and we know that at least 80% are already starting their search online.

Just how much has online search grown in CRE? Since 2008, the number of searches has increased 60% and today, nearly 60% of people surveyed perform their own research, even if working with a broker.

There are several ways to build a digital presence that you “own” and can leverage to build your brand online. This includes CRE Tech tools that allow you to take the development process into your own hands and cost effectively manage your property’s online presence.

You can also tap into the expertise and resources of a specialized agency for branding and web development.

Whichever direction you take, there are three important reasons your property needs to have a strong web presence, and a lot of specific benefits you’ll gain by building one.

24/7 Lead Generation

If you don’t think your online presence can generate leads, guess again.

Having an effective web presence can work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, automatically capturing, engaging, and funneling leads to your team. With the right suite of information and resources about your property, it is the first and sometimes only thing prospects need to see before picking up the phone or requesting more information.

The best part is you can channel leads from multiple sources, both online (search engines, social media, listing sites, email, etc.) and offline (brochures, flyers, building signage, etc.).

Compared to a traditional brokerage staff that has limited time and resources, your online listing or property website serves as a critical foundational component for any top of the funnel marketing and lead generation effort.

Up-To-Date Property Information

The Internet is cluttered with outdated listing information and old Loopnet pages that haven’t been updated in years.

How can this impact you?

If you don’t have a strong online presence with good visibility for your property, it’s very likely that your potential prospects are landing on old, outdated listings with irrelevant information.

This can not only project an unprofessional image for you and your company, but also confuse prospects that need even basic information about your property.

The beauty of a website is that you can control and update the content in a matter of minutes, making it the first and most accurate resource you provide prospective tenants and investors. Quickly update availabilities, floor plans, amenities, and contact information to make sure your listing has the most up-to-date and relevant info for any prospect.

Consistent Branding

Your brand is a powerful tool that will only grow over time and helps establish trust and set you apart among many similar companies. This is the first and most important impression visitors will have of your business online.

They need to be impressed.

But at the same time, it needs to match with how you’ve positioned yourself across all your websites. From the top-level corporate level site to every one of your property sites, it’s important for there to be consistency in branding through color scheme, font, photos, style of content, and logos.

This does several important things.

Not only does it establish instant recognition for someone who has interacted with your brand before, but it builds trust – that consistency projects professionalism and a memorable experience that clients are more likely to trust when researching properties.

by Bob Samii, Founder and CEO at SharpLaunch

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