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July 24, 2018

3 Workplace Trends Commercial Real Estate Owners Need to Know

RealMassive | Thought Leadership

While trends come and go, the best way to attract long-term tenants is to keep up with the latest workplace trends in commercial real estate. And while industrial and retail have fairly timeless needs, office space is perpetually in flux.

From a quick look at the data, the office spaces being listed that are getting the most traffic – across most markets – are the ones that have the most modern amenities. Workplaces are continuing to evolve in response to a changing, tech-driven workforce. Commercial property owners need to adapt accordingly, by providing the modern office amenities and flexibility that business owners are looking for.

Here are three workplace trends that CRE owners should be paying attention to:

1. Smart Buildings

It’s a data-based world, we just live in it.

From optimized HVAC systems, high-tech security measures, voice-controlled devices, lighting sensors, and more, office buildings are becoming ‘smarter.’ And with this influx of tech in offices, we’re also getting more personalized control over key aspects of your workplace environment. Tenants and prospective buyers are paying attention to the smart qualities in offices.

Comfy is an intuitive workplace app that allows office workers to control temperature and lighting, as well as book meeting rooms or desks, and submit work requests to the team.

2. Fluid Workspaces

While it’s possible we’re nearing the peak of the open office trend, there have been some great contributions the idea has brought to office design. From flexible rooms that can be quickly adapted to the needs of the day – from a quiet office to an extra conference room to a private phonebooth – the demand for adaptable office space has been seeing a steady increase.

For a variety of trendy and affordable options, whether your company size is 1000 employees or just yourself, check out WeWork’s workspace options. With over 400 office locations around the world, you’re sure to find a space that fits your needs within your area.

3. Extra Conveniences

Along with redesigned office spaces, companies are also adding new amenities to attract a more innovative and diverse workforce. Coffee bars, co-working spaces or cafes are some of the conveniences that properties are adding to modernize and make them more exciting.

HQO  really helps building owners maximize their amenities so that they cater to the needs and wants of their tenants. Tenants can have a remote control for the building through an app so they can, for example, access your building’s parking garage or order and pay for food, or to join a message board where they can share events, building announcements, or anything going on within the building that would encourage community involvement. This and more, of course, can all be done through a single app.

The combination of flexibility, more data, and on-site perks are currently some of the more trendy features that are drawing the attention of prospective long-term tenants – and a higher average price-per-square-foot.