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January 17, 2018

The 8th Second: How to Keep People Looking at Your Listing

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People’s attention spans are shrinking by the minute. Seven seconds is, in fact, the average. If digital content doesn’t hook people in those few seconds, they’re gone forever. So, how do you keep people looking at your commercial real estate listing for the eighth second and beyond.

Striking the appropriate tone, messaging, and topics dramatically increases the effectiveness of your listing. It’s all about making your listing seem like it’s speaking directly to the person clicking on it. These strategies will help keep people looking at your listing.

Go on a Virtual Tour

Video is a game changer for your CRE listing, and it’s becoming more and more essential in attracting attention. Most people prefer video over photos and written content. Adding a video tour of the property can give you a search-engine advantage.

You can record the video yourself using a smartphone, but hiring a videographer is a worthwhile upfront investment, especially if you have a large commission on the way. Put yourself in front of the camera as the tour guide. This can build trust and let you establish yourself on the CRE expert in your area.

A virtual tour of the property lets viewers better understand the property’s full scope, depth of space, how the light comes into the space, how rooms interconnect, and other criteria. Photos are still an important addition to the listing, but videos paint a more accurate picture.

Write Inventive Descriptions

CRE listings need detailed descriptions that highlight all the essential information about the property, but go beyond the basics. Square footage, number of rooms, and other standard characteristics should be included, but extend the description to what’s outside the property’s four walls. Talk about the neighborhood, tenants in the building, past uses of the space, and any other details that will highlight the property.

Be upfront about the not so great aspects of the property. Potential buyers and investors will appreciate the honesty. This gives the listing credibility and shows your integrity in the CRE world.

Get Social

It sounds obvious, but you should always share your listings on social media, both on your personal and business pages. A few-sentence description and eye-catching hashtags will get people to click on the listing. Sharing on social media also gives you the chance to broaden the listing’s reach.

Though it sounds simple enough, amazing visuals and accurate details are the best way to keep people engaged with your listing beyond the seven-second average.