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August 8, 2017

9 Tips for Photographing Commercial Properties to Get Attention: How to show off its best features

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High-quality photography is essential for commercial real estate listings. Most buyers begin their property searches online, where making a strong first impression is everything.

If you’re new to real estate photography, the best way to learn is through practice. Experiment with different angles and light settings, and take photos at different times of day to see which look best. You can always delete the less-than-stellar ones.

These nine tips will help you photograph your commercial property so that it gets the attention it deserves:


  1. Use a Wide-Angle Lens. If you decide to be your own photographer, invest in a wide-angle lens. The wider frame showcases the true sense of the space and provides a sense of depth and detail.


  1. Emphasize Space and Lighting. Buyers look for natural light and space—so, make sure you accentuate both. You’ll need to consider the best time of day to take the photo to capitalize on the light so that you can avoid bright sun and dark shadows. Often, the best time to take photos is when the sun is low.


  1. Avoid Vertical Shots. It’s always better to use landscape orientation for your property’s photos, rather than portrait layouts. People tend to be more drawn to horizontal photos, and they show off more of the property.


  1. Give Yourself Time to Shoot. Snapping great photos that will get your listing the attention it deserves takes time—so, give yourself enough time to take the best photos possible. A good photo shoot can take a fair amount of time, but that’s a worthwhile upfront investment that will pay off once your online listing goes live.


  1. Highlight the Best Features. Location is one of the most important aspects of commercial property. So be sure that the exterior photos highlight its location and some of the surroundings. For interior photos, emphasize each room’s best features—whether it’s natural light, spaciousness, or other identifiable qualities.


  1. Prepare the Space. Make sure furniture is carefully arranged in each room so that the photos demonstrate its possibilities. Adding fresh greenery, bright artwork, or other colorful accents can draw attention to the space.


  1. Clean Up. This probably sounds obvious, but make sure the space is clean and clutter free before photographing it. Any surfaces should be free from papers and other items. Clean windows and floors—and, generally, make sure everything is tidy.


  1. Choose the Angle Wisely. Angles matter when you’re trying to show off your property. Use a tripod to avoid blur and move around to find which angle does the best justice. Choosing the right angle can make rooms look more enticing and close a deal faster.


  1. Hire a Professional. The better your photos, the more likely you’ll get the best price for your listing. It’s also likely to sell or lease more quickly. If photography isn’t your thing, consider hiring a professional who has the right equipment and expertise. The return on investment is definitely there.


Whether you decide to DIY your commercial property’s photos or hire a professional, you want to be sure to showcase it in its best light. Buyers will definitely notice and take action.