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November 20, 2018

A Look at Phoenix Commercial Market Data

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Phoenix is hot – really hot – the commercial real estate market, that is. Stay on top of the local market with access to real-time data, and you’ll stay ahead of the competition. The more Phoenix commercial market data you have on listings and trends, the bigger your advantage.

At RealMassive, we’ve developed a customizable data solution that provides up-to-date market data specific to your property search and goals. Take a look below at the latest numbers in Phoenix.

With our platform that covers 259,675,114 square feet of commercial space in the Phoenix metro area, we’re in a great position to help you out.

The average asking price as of September 6, 2018, for commercial properties in Phoenix is $17.04/sq ft.

  • For Retail, it’s $15.72/sq ft
  • For Office, it’s $19.08/sq ft
  • For Industrial, it’s $5.53/sq ft

The average property size is currently 5,032 sq ft.

  • For Retail, it’s 3,153 sq ft
  • For Office, it’s 4,408 sq ft
  • For Industrial, it’s 17,014 sq ft

Want to take a deeper dive into your market and and see how our commercial market data can help your business? Talk to us and find out how our commercial property data can help you close more deals.