The Retail #CREcosystem Predictions from the industry's
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The Retail #CREcosystem

September 28, 2016

“Jesse Tron By RealMassive
The commercial real estate industry (CRE) is experiencing one of the most profound economic, social, and cultural transformations in history. Globalization, rapid urbanization, shifting demographics, and technological advances are ushering in unprecedented change and today’s landscape looks dramatically different than it did even one decade ago. CRE professionals are tasked with finding new ways to adapt to this fluid and on-demand business landscape. In order to remain relevant and competitive in the digital era, the industry as a whole must operate dynamically and iterate rapidly.

To continue the conversation we ignited with our original industry whitepaper, The New #CREcosystem, we partnered with CRE executive and digital leader Julie Augustyn of Foundry Commercial to produce The Retail #CREcosystem. This report particularly focuses on Retail CRE and explores exciting predictions of what the future could bring. You will hear from industry professionals on the the following areas.

The Customer Journey


“Jesse Tron“We are testing Facebook remarketing where our post shows up in your newsfeed if you visited our microsite targeting entrepreneurs in a specific geographical area.”

Kristen Moore, Brixmor


Brand Engagements


“Jesse Tron“Assess: Evaluate the customer experience current state. Envision: Create the customer experience future state. Enact: Build the road map, gain alignment and begin transformation.”

Michael Lagazo, ALDI/SVN


Retail Technology


“Jesse Tron“Some of the megatrends coming are 3D printing (means less inventory space needed), artificial intelligence doing the shopping for you (Amazon is working on this with Echo), and smart buildings (solar panel glass, responsive design, etc.).”

Diane Danielson, SVN International Corp.

As originally intended with the initial report, this ongoing conversation will take many different forms, from this whitepaper to additional blog posts and social content. We invite you to join us in this discussion which we hope will pervade business meetings, digital and social media, and industry events. We want your unique perspectives and look forward to innovating together to modernize our dynamic industry.

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