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August 31, 2017

Beyond the Building: 3 Ways to Show Off a Property’s Personality in an Online Listing

RealMassive | Thought Leadership

Aside from location – walls, floors, price, and square footage are what most people consider when they’re looking to purchase or lease commercial real estate. But, as you know, there’s so much more to a space than the four walls that contain it.

Every building has a personality and gives off a certain vibe. The more you help highlight and show off these aspects, the more likely you’ll be able to attract tenants or buyers. When you’re creating your online listing, be sure to factor in key aspects of the property that capture its personality and essence. Here are four ways to do just that:


  1. Focus on Location Location is one of the top things that people consider when looking for a space to buy or rent. Online listings should highlight a variety of aspects related to location, because different things matter to different people. Discuss whether it’s located near major highways or neighborhoods and share some engaging, active images of nearby hotspots and the surrounding area. As walkability is another factor that comes into play, particularly to millennials and younger businesses, it’s important that you highlight the property’s proximity to cafes, restaurants, parks, shops, and more. And, of course, make sure the listing includes a map and plenty of photographs of the exterior of the building, along with the street where it’s located.


  1. Highlight Demographics. Neighborhood demographics can make or break a business. So, when business owners look for spaces to buy or rent, they want to know who and what makes up the neighborhood. Include whether the neighborhood is more commercial, industrial, or residential. Mention some of the types of businesses that are included in the neighborhood.


  1. Give the Space Life. When people are looking to buy or rent a space, they want to see all the potential that you see. Be sure to tell a great story of the space – describe it in jaw-dropping detail. Get your potential buyers salivating at the idea of occupying it.  Share whether or not the space is already built out, or if build outs will be customized for the tenant. Give options and ideas. Don’t forget the basics like  the square footage of the building as a whole and each individual space. How many units are available? What amenities does the building offer? Who are some of the existing tenants? Do tenants have the right to make changes to the space? Is storage available?

The dimensions and other practical information are obviously important for buyers or tenants. But, a building’s vibe and personality is often what truly draws attention to it. So, go ahead and truly show off the property’s best features. People will take notice.