Introducing RealMassive – Commercial Real Estate at Your Fingertips

Posted on: Thursday, October 31st, 2013, under Uncategorized.

This blog post marks the first of what should be a fun and exciting journey to reshape the way the commercial real estate market does business. Over the course of our journey, the team at RealMassive will share with you our progress, our product, and a bunch of really cool snippets and stories from the commercial real estate industry.

First, let us introduce you to RealMassive.

RealMassive is based in Austin, TX and has been working out of Capital Factory, a co-working space and tech accelerator based in downtown, Austin. RealMassive is founded by Joshua McClure and Craig Hancock, former classmates at the Air Force Academy. Joshua and Craig reunited recently after exploring the commercial real estate market and discovering the massive (pun intended) potential for disruption. Since early summer 2013, Joshua and Craig have been busy building RealMassive. Specifically, they have been interviewing all the players in commercial real estate and forming the building blocks of what we believe will be a transformative product for everyone involved in CRE.

After a lot of work, we have an exciting announcement to make: RealMassive will launch January 2014 in the Austin market. We think you will love what we’re making and we can’t wait to show you.