Property Marketing Goes High Tech

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Filling empty office space was a big job for many office landlords during the recession, and even in hot markets it is a challenge to attract tenants in a highly competitive industry. Not only are landlords and their leasing agents working harder to attract new tenants, but they are finding that they need to work smarter too.

Brokers are turning to technology to enhance, complement and even replace traditional marketing methods. Certainly, low-tech methods such as mailing postcards, running ads and hosting open-house events are still in play. But, the reality is that some old-school methods are falling by the wayside. Rarely are companies driving around the market on a hunt for space and scribbling down contact info from a building’s listing sign. These days, the search for space usually starts at the keyboard. As such, brokers are increasingly stepping up their game to take advantage of tools that save time and money, grab attention and reach a broader audience.

Traditional marketing mailers have been largely replaced with all things electronic, from building e-newsletters to e-blast updates for industry peers announcing the latest leasing opportunity. Brokers are making good use of those new tools. Gone are the days when you had to meet with every potential tenant who wanted a showing. Now brokers can provide virtual viewings with links to photos, detailed floor plans and even full video tours. That in itself is a huge time saver to weed out casual window shoppers from serious prospects.

Whether brokers are looking to share photos and documents or take their PowerPoint presentation up a notch, there are some pretty cool apps available. One of the biggest challenges for brokers is sifting through the technology to find what tools will be most effective. That in itself is a big job. But it is definitely a task that brokers have to make time for as prospective tenants not only expect that immediate response with real-time, detailed information, but demand it.

Solving for Shadow Space

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By Joshua McClure, CEO and founder, RealMassive

AUSTIN, TX-No one talks about it, but vacant “shadow space” is still very much an issue within the real estate market today. Whether you call it shadow space, incubator space or that white elephant at the end of the hallway, these small or oddly-placed spaces are a challenge to lease even in the best of times. Once a space dips below 2,000 square feet, it becomes a leasing nightmare. Such spaces are all too common due to leftover carve-outs from a larger tenant or an odd space configuration. These locations are often below the threshold of what a broker wants to manage, and therein lies the problem.

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Transparent Leasing Data – Fact or fiction?

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The battle cry for “transparency” is rampant across industries today from food labels to corporate balance sheets, and the commercial real estate industry is no exception. But is providing true transparent data a pipe dream in an industry where building owners and their leasing agents like to keep their cards close to the vest?

In our opinion, the answer to that question is a definite no. It is not a pipe dream, and in fact, that transparency is well on the way to becoming a reality. There is a sea change coming to the commercial real estate industry that will help put accurate, real-time data in the hands of both brokers and tenants.

The lever for that change is technology. And yes, RealMassive plans to be a big part of that industry shift. Our innovative technology provides real-time commercial real estate information, as well as tools to help real estate professionals collaborate and streamline their marketing efforts. RealMassive is by no means the only one driving that change. There are a host of examples across industries of firms that are continuing to push the envelope in terms of using the latest technologies to deliver highly automated, intuitive data.

Think about the last time you booked a vacation. Did you call your neighborhood travel agent, or did you shop for flights and hotels on Expedia or Orbitz to check current availability and rates? That same type of real-time data is in the cards for the commercial real estate industry.

No, this is not an Oz-like moment where the curtain will be lifted to expose a landlord’s secrets. Completely the opposite. That transparency and shared data simply brings more efficiency to all sides of the real estate process. Having access to detailed and accurate information helps space users and tenant rep brokers consider all of their alternatives, and more clearly compare and contrast those options to find the best fit. Tenant reps gain access to the intuitive tools they need to identify, manage and analyze spaces matching their client’s preferences. Landlords and their leasing and asset management representatives also have access to data and tools that help them to enhance their marketing efforts, while gaining critical insight into the performance of their buildings – and perhaps even greater insight on the competition.