RealMassive is One of the 2014 Best Companies to Work for in Central Texas!

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The results are in and RealMassive is officially one of the Austin Business Journal’s Best Places to Work in Central Texas! Of course, we already knew this, but we are thrilled and honored to be one of the companies awarded out of 276 nominations! It feels great to be part of one of the best places to work in Austin, a city with record-breaking unemployment rates and consistent placement on lists like Forbes’ Fastest Growing Cities.

A big congratulations to our fellow nominees! Stay tuned for the announcement of final rankings on June 26.

Interested in working at RealMassive? Check out our Careers Page for more information.


RealMassive’s Day on the Green

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Drones overhead, camouflage gear and explosions in a lake. Last Thursday was a crazy day at the office. No, we weren’t on the battlefield, it was just business as usual for RealMassive. On Thursday, we spent the day working on the green at Austin’s beloved landmark Lions Golf Course for The Commercial Brokers Association of Austin’s 2014 annual golf tournament.

The theme was “Caddyshack,” and the golf course was covered with CRE professionals sporting their best Bushwood eighties-style garb for a great day of fun on the golf course and for a chance to win the “Best Costume” prize of $500, which was awarded to Austin Office Space’s David Bremer.

The Lions club was a bit less stringent than Bushwood. In fact, betting was encouraged, golf-carts collided and many golf clubs didn’t make it through the day. Inspired by Bill Murray’s character, I did my best to represent Carl Spackler and take out gophers. “In the immortal words of Jean Paul Sartre, ‘Au revoir, gopher.’”

Golf balls were flying, beers were toasted (ahem, shotgunned), and a drone flew overhead capturing the whole thing on camera. Yes, a drone. When RealMassive sponsors an event, we don’t just roll out a corporate banner. We break out the drones! After all, here at RealMassive we embrace the ever-evolving world of new technologies and how they operate. The debut of the drone reflected our thirst for innovation, and got many a golfer talking. Our designated drone pilot, Chris Ivester, was charged with the important task of dive-bombing unsuspecting golfers and monitoring the course for any suspicious activity. We take golf very seriously here at RealMassive.

We sponsored Hole 17, which was deemed the “party hole,” where RealMassive had two tents set up complete with three coolers full of Blueberry Jell-O shots and Texas craft beers served in our company’s koozies, for all the thirsty golfers. Who doesn’t want a cold beer on the golf course? Chris nervously warded off eager, would-be drone pilots, while Angela Franz reunited with her former CBRE colleagues. Our hole had a great view of the pond, so we were privy to lots of balls that were sliced into the water and golfers yelling obscene comments.


Proceeds from the event went toward Explore Austin, a nonprofit that connects underprivileged youth with access to outdoor activities aiding in the development of character, confidence and responsibility. We met and mingled with a lot of great people at the event and appreciated the enthusiasm that the community of CRE professionals expressed toward RealMassive.

Still dressed in colorful plaid pants and Lacoste shirts, the party continued at the first annual CBA 19th Hole after-party. Bets were placed on the putting green and CRE professionals downed sliders and fries from the Peached Tortilla food truck, as Waterloo Revival rocked the house.

It was a great day. In the words of Ty Webb, “There’s a force in the universe that makes things happen. And all you have to do is get in touch with it, stop thinking, let things happen and be the ball.” We took his advice, and we had a ball.

RealMassive Announces New Hire of Margo Pflum, VP Of Partner Relations

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RealMassive, the first source for real-time commercial real estate (CRE) information, today announced the appointment of Margo Pflum as the company’s first VP of Partner Relations. In this role, Pflum will be reporting to cofounder and CFO, Craig Hancock. Pflum’s focus will be on forging new partner relationships with CRE owners, property managers, brokers, investors and stakeholders.

Founder and CEO Joshua McClure said, “Margo comes to RealMassive with more than two decades of building CRE relationships and an impressive rolodex. We look forward to seeing Margo’s drive and experience come into play as she helps us to evangelize our message of real-time sharing of availability data for CRE professionals.”

Prior to joining RealMassive, Pflum worked in Management Operations at American Campus Communities, acquiring 34 student housing properties worth over $1.4 Billion. Previously, Pflum was a Vice President and Partner at RS Investments in San Francisco for 7 years, where she managed property equity funds, asset management, due diligence, acquisitions, fund raising, and other general management duties. Margo received a B.A. in real estate and finance and an M.B.A. in international business and marketing from the University of Texas at Dallas.

Founder and CFO Craig Hancock noted, “Margo will be a great asset to RealMassive as she collaborates with our partners to discover creative solutions to grow their businesses.”

Pflum stated, “I have immense respect for Josh and Craig as company leaders and I am deeply excited to be able to offer RealMassive’s innovative approach to colleagues and partners. I am looking forward to fostering a sense of cooperation and collaboration in this industry. It is thrilling to work for the company with the solution to an industry-wide problem — i.e., the lack of free, accessible availability data for CRE professionals. When you truly believe in the product you are offering, it makes your job that much easier.”

RealMassive is currently seeking dedicated professionals with experience in commercial real estate business development interested in joining the team; contact

See the Austin Business Journal’s coverage of the news here. 

Gorilla Goes to the Capital

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The Capital sees its fair share of unusual visitors (this is Austin, after all), but the RealMassive Gorilla created quite a stir this morning when he beat his chest….and scaled our state’s landmark building! Wonder where he’ll show up next….


Google’s Investment in Marks the Beginning of a New Era

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Google Capital’s recent $50 million investment in signals a new era in commercial real estate. Google’s interest in the industry is the flag on the moon for the internet age of commercial real estate. The space race has begun.

The sizable investment is not a small blip. It came up on everybody’s radar: Google is now interested in commercial real estate. To have such a powerful player in the space interested in helping the commercial real estate industry utilize the internet in a greater fashion is a huge win. This positive move will bring more transparency and openness to an industry that historically has been very guarded.

Google is constantly searching for those recesses of the world that are underutilizing the internet in order to improve their mission of organizing the world’s information. As the largest search engine in the world, Google specializes in finding buyers for people who sell things, on which they build serious monetization models. As a multi-trillion dollar business, commercial real estate is a giant niche that is currently underdeveloped on the internet. was one of the first sites to develop a successful track record in bringing the internet and its capabilities to professionals. The site caught Google’s eye by building a very successful marketplace for buying and selling properties.

Google’s move is a trumpet call to the industry — Google is coming! But how will the industry respond? Should we just allow Google to come in and say this is how things are going to be done? No. There is a big opportunity for an industry-led effort to get up to speed and make sure that leases and building information become more transparent and more easily marketed through a search engine.

There is no longer a difference between what an internet company is and what a regular company is, simply because the internet is such a large distribution channel. It just doesn’t make sense to remain a brick-and-mortar company. Nowadays, no matter what business you’re in, you have to consider yourself an internet company. It’s imperative for your company to have a website, and many support e-commerce capabilities. To be competitive, you need to build a connection. The internet is too powerful to ignore.

Having a company with the clout of Google interested in commercial real estate is a major success for our industry. Now we have to step up and show them that we’re ready to play ball.

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