RealMassive is Now Open for Public Beta Testing

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RealMassive is excited to announce that we have opened up our site for public beta testing. We have been developing and exploring this product internally and gotten to the point in our development where we’re ready to invite more people to participate in our public beta test.

We believe it is critical that RealMassive bring a top quality product to our customers, so we are hoping that you can help us make our site serve your business needs. By participating in our public beta program, you’ll get to be a part of the future of the commercial real estate business as we officially unleash ourselves in the marketplace.

We’ve learned a lot from our own internal testing, but now we need your feedback and comments to help get us to the next level. We’re ready to meet new brokers that want to take part in our search engine, which brings real estate listings data to your fingertips. We encourage you to share your experiences and feedback to help us improve upon our site, ahead of our wider release.

With your participation, bug reporting and feedback, we’ll be better poised to help RealMassive take commercial real estate into the next generation. We need your help to make our site even more awesome.

How Architecture & Design Can Increase Marketing Value in Commercial Real Estate

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Read Joshua McClure’s article on National Real Estate Investor, with commentary from Raj Raghunathan, professor at the McCombs School of Business.

“Open office spaces encourage people from different backgrounds to interact with each other—the accountant with the creative guy or the C-suite executives with the janitors—end up producing more creative output,” says Raghunathan. “Open space connects people with diverse experiences to exchange notes on what is going on in their life and offers new perspectives.”

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