We Tweet Your Listings to a Massive Audience

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Real-time tweets about our customers’ available properties.
@AustinCREFeed (Austin Office Space)


Twitter has come a long way since it first opened its doors to the public in July 2006. With 100 million active users every day, it’s changed the way the world shares information. And it’s also changed the way we search.

Every day, Twitter users search for specific hash tags to find up-to-the-second information and conversations about topics they’re interested in. Tweets are focused, easy to digest, and more up to date than most websites, in many cases.

So we got to thinking… a lot of people who use Twitter will need to look for commercial real estate at some point. Shouldn’t we make sure our customers’ listings are part of that real-time data stream they’re searching? That’s why we came up with CRENow™.

Here’s what it is:

  • Property managers post their commercial real estate listings on RealMassive.com.
  • We automatically create a tweet and send it out using a dedicated Twitter handle (for Austin it’s @AustinCREFeed) and hashtag (#AustinCRE).
  • Twitter users searching for CRE or office space in their market will come across our tweets, click for more information, and be able to contact the listing rep through our site.

It’s all automatic – no hassle for you. Best of all, it’s already proving successful for our customers.


We launched our Austin Twitter profile several weeks ago to test out this idea. What happened was remarkable.

  • We received thousands of unique visitors within the first few weeks, and most of them were visiting the pages of individual spaces.
  • We also saw that virtually all of our visitors who came through Twitter came from the Austin market, showing that we were effectively reaching a relevant local audience.

We’re happy to officially announce the launch of CRENow™ in Austin and hope you’ll be part of it. Take a look!


RealMassive Releases API at SciPy 2014 Conference for Scientific and Analytic Computing with Python

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Leading Scientists, Researchers and Engineers Now Have Open Access to Develop Software for $11 Trillion Asset Base

AUSTIN, TX—July 8, 2014 — RealMassive, the first source of commercial real estate in real-time, today announced the public release of its API that will allow thousands of developers the opportunity to build their own commercial real estate applications on top of the RealMassive platform. RealMassive made the announcement at the annual SciPy 2014 Conference, an event dedicated to the advancement of scientific computing through open source Python software for mathematics, science, and engineering.

RealMassive provides real-time commercial real estate information through live data streaming. Now, innovators everywhere will be able to leverage the RealMassive platform to download and develop apps for the commercial real estate industry, an $11 trillion market space that has remained relatively untapped by software developers and others in the tech industry. By releasing its API, RealMassive hopes to create new opportunities for entrepreneurs to develop applications in the highly profitable commercial real estate space.

RealMassive CEO and Founder Joshua McClure commented, “We wanted to announce the release of our API at SciPy because SciPy’s audience of brilliant data scientists and computer engineers are the people who stand to profit from this news. This is an $11 trillion opportunity for creative developers and scientists to design products powered by our service. In return, we are looking forward to seeing the ways in which their innovations will enhance RealMassive’s platform. At RealMassive, we believe that radical openness and free data sharing leads to progress that will benefit everyone. We are thrilled to release our API to the public and cannot wait to see what groundbreaking innovations and solutions will follow.”

RealMassive is hiring Python engineers. For more information please contact jobs@realmassive.com

About RealMassive:

RealMassive™ is the first source for real-time commercial real estate information. The company provides a powerful yet easy way to help commercial real estate professionals collaborate and streamline their marketing efforts while gaining critical insight into the performance of their space and buildings.Tenant reps gain access to accurate availability data through the intuitive tools they need to analyze spaces collaboratively with their customers. RealMassive’s cloud-based marketing platform greatly reduces costs and accelerates space identification and deal flow. Sign up today: www.realmassive.com @realmassive

RealMassive is headquartered in Austin, TX and serves the Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio commercial real estate markets.

Press Contact:

Cassady Nordeen

Blast PR on Behalf of RealMassive



This Isn’t Your Father’s Commercial Real Estate

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In the old days, real estate agents took out billboards and relied on catchy slogans to market themselves. Clients were driven in Cadillacs to look at properties and deals were signed over steak dinners. Things have come a long way since then. Search, social media and smartphones have changed how clients seek out information and communicate with brokers. A potential tenant might see a photo of a space they like on Instagram, search for the price and square footage on RealMassive and then connect with a broker via LinkedIn to see if they have any shared connections.

In years past, premium data was locked behind a walled garden and paid on a multi-year contract. Smart, fresh data is now available for free on the open market for anyone to browse. You no longer need to pay a fee to access top shelf data. Think of LexisNexis versus Google.  99% of the web operates within the Google model, in which data is easily accessible through search. Using the “Google model,” RealMassive is putting availability data at the center of commercial real estate marketing.

Good data is core to any commercial real estate business. In fact, accurate timely data directly impacts a property owner’s bottom line. The more accurate, fresh and timely a landlord’s data, the less friction involved in getting a deal done with that property. Automation has made the process of renting commercial real estate more sophisticated and efficient.A property is only as good as its online listing, which means that data is everything. Today’s clients want accurate information at their disposal supported by data that is updated in real-time. A good steak is not what leads to signed contracts; it’s great data in real-time that does the trick.

Availability Data: What You Want When You Search for Office Space

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“Lemonade for Sale – 25 Cents!” This is a great example of availability data. It clearly explains what is available and how much it will cost you. Collecting and distributing commercial real estate data is what we do at RealMassive. And we do it for free! Oddly enough, a few commercial real estate brokers resist sharing their availability data. No wonder their spaces sit empty for so long!

On the Internet, allowing search engines to find your available listings is core to marketing the space. Yet some real estate professionals are worried about sharing data, because they are not thinking about flyer email blasts as sharing data. There are two kinds of data that commercial real estate professionals manage: availability data and proprietary data. Availability data is the kind of real estate data that you might find on a broker’s website including: an office space’s location, square footage, lease rate and dock size. Proprietary data, on the other hand, is all of the gory details about a deal that neither the tenant nor the landlord want out, including: comps, tenant names and negotiated lease rates. Only availability data needs to be open.

Availability data helps listing reps and tenant reps be more effective, and in turn make more money. Confusion around availability data and proprietary data has led to an industry of data and information hoarders. The challenge lies in the fact that no real estate brokers want to show their hand. The reality is that when they share availability data, they don’t have to. As an industry, we need to rethink our cards-to-the-chest approach. What would the PC industry be without the open architecture? Humans are at the top of the food chain, because we can share ideas. Sharing ideas has helped cultivate civilization and improve our lives.