Austin’s New ‘Silicon Hills’

Posted on: Tuesday, September 29th, 2015, under Thought Leadership, Uncategorized.

20150909_102148by Hannah Kocurek, Marketing Associate at RealMassive


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Austin as a whole is emerging as a hub for technology firms and startups. The city’s 360 Hills is developing into a center for these companies and has earned the nickname “Silicon Hills.” One Class A development in particular, San Clemente at Davenport, is attracting these tech tenants with its many high-end amenities, sprawling hill country views, and neighboring businesses.


How to Optimize Your Company’s YouTube Videos in 5 Easy Steps

Posted on: Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015, under Marketing.

Analisaby Analisa Goldblatt, Marketing Associate at RealMassive
Social media. Some people don’t believe in it. Some people believe in it too much. Either way, if customers Google your business, you’re going to need your accounts optimized and ready to go. Depending on your industry, various social outlets will be more relevant than others, such as Twitter or LinkedIn. However, let’s not overlook our trusty friend YouTube, the second largest search engine in the world.

YouTube is one of the easiest, and perhaps most neglected, channels you can optimize for higher rankings on a Google search results page. Google loves videos, so they generally rank higher than websites. Whether it’s a commercial, how-to, or you name it – here are five easy steps to properly optimize your next YouTube video:


Five Effective Advertising Campaigns

Posted on: Tuesday, September 15th, 2015, under Marketing.

20150909_102148by Hannah Kocurek, Marketing Associate at RealMassive

100 years ago, Albert Lasker initiated America’s obsession with orange juice for breakfast. 60 years ago, dentists recommended smoking Viceroy. And today Coca-Cola is the second-most recognized term in the world. Effective advertising not only gets consumers to make purchases, but also transforms the status quo. Here are 5 advertising campaigns that have accomplished success.


How-To Optimize Your Listings: Premium Media

Posted on: Tuesday, September 8th, 2015, under Marketing.

Sonia by Sonia Singh, Marketing Associate at RealMassive

It may sound cliche, but when it comes to consumer purchases, the appearance of a product is inherently important- and online CRE listings are no exception.

At the end of the day, your listing is a product waiting to be consumed by potential tenants. First impressions are crucial, and in the world of commercial real estate, beautiful listings sell. Optimizing your listings’ appearance with premium media can make all the difference. According to the Wall Street Journal, when viewing an online real estate listing, a consumer will spend 60% of their time looking at property photos-  spending a full 20 seconds gazing at the first photo they encounter.  

Marketing Automation Gone Wild

Posted on: Friday, September 4th, 2015, under Thought Leadership.

“Mike" by Mike Westgate, Vice President of Marketing at RealMassive

Recently I connected with a colleague on LinkedIn and landed on their automated “invite your contacts to connect” page, which is basically a cheap retention tactic. With one simple mis-click, I accidentally initiated an email campaign for new connections. I literally auto-invited my entire email address book including friends, family, and individuals I had never even met. Unfortunately, my only undo option was to contact LinkedIn support directly and ask them to retract any unaccepted invites. I am typically a card-carrying LinkedIn advocate, but this experience left an awful taste in my mouth. Here at RealMassive, we are exploring value-added but unobtrusive ways to connect directly with our customers, expose them to new features and functionality, and engender positive word-of-mouth network effects. Given the vast and growing ecosystem of marketing automation solutions, this is no easy task. My recent experience with LinkedIn was a humbling reminder that even the mighty stumble, and though automation can be sexy and cost-effective, it is not always aligned to seamless user experience. As you employ your own automation tools and programs, be sure you deeply understand your customer, map their complete journey and valued outcomes, and strive for a consistent touchpoints with your brand, on- and off-platform.

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