Spotify: The Ultimate #Marketing Machine

Posted on: Monday, December 28th, 2015, under Marketing.

“Mike" by Mike Westgate, Vice President of Marketing at RealMassive
As a marketing geek, I am in a continual pursuit to collect best-in-class examples of platforms and services which delicately balance the needs of their core paying customer while cleverly optimizing for a different end user. I had to look no further than the music service I use every single day. In an age of royalty battles and stream-first consumption, Spotify has placed artists at the center of their business model while offering a freemium service to listeners. Not all artists have embraced the platform (sorry, Swifties), but most seem to recognize the value in testing new material, offering unique value to top listeners in the form of playlists and promotions, and quite simply, getting in front of younger, savvier audiences. 

Not only does Spotify understand their audience, but they’re experts at customer-driven demand-gen. Below I’ve cited a few campaigns which caught my eye and convinced me that not only does Spotify understand their audience, but they are experts at customer-driven demand-gen. 


Atlanta’s Startup Ecosystem

Posted on: Thursday, December 10th, 2015, under Guest Authors.

“Karen HoughtonGuest Post by Karen Houghton, Director at Atlanta Tech Village

Atlanta's Startup Ecosystem

Silicon Valley is no longer the epicenter for tech innovation, and Atlanta is a city quickly growing and actively investing in our local tech ecosystem. At the Village, we know Atlanta can become one of the Top 5 tech hubs in the US. We can do this with increased density and more wins, and Atlanta is well on our way! From long-time successful organizations like ATDC to brand new Tech Square Labs, Atlanta is experiencing a growth and density for startups that is unparalleled in our city.