Branding Collateral in CRE

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by Brittany Omansky, Customer Experience Manager at RealMassive
Jeff Bezos, founder of, said it best: “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” For CRE professionals and firms, branding is especially important. Strong branding is a way to differentiate in a crowded market and increase customer loyalty.


My Traffic is Worse than Yours (and I’m about to prove it)

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Mark Daniel by Mark Daniel, Vice President of Partner Relations at RealMassiveA.B. Economics Stanford University



The infrastructure in Austin, specifically the highway and loop system, is years behind the population. It’s been that way for the 25 years I’ve been coming down here. For a town its size (population 885,400 in the city limits, 2.0 million for the metro-area), Austin struggles with the traffic of some of the largest metropolitan areas. This is having a major impact on development (as development continues to have an impact on traffic) as drive times to and from work and play have become a major factor in the decision on whether or not to develop a specific site, or even a pitch used to promote one.

But how bad is it really?


Raleigh-Durham: A Market on the Rise

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Jenn Hoffmanby Jenn Hoffman, Partner Relations at RealMassive

The emergence of 18-hour cities is a hot topic, and these secondary cities are continuing to grow in their momentum. An 18-hour city is typically characterized by an above-average urban population growth, a thriving economy, and a lower cost of living, according to Investopedia. Among these cities are Austin, Nashville, and Denver. Now the Raleigh-Durham area, with its cluster of higher-ed universities and an emerging tech hub, is rising to the top of that list. Whether you’re looking to invest, move your family or company, or develop, the Raleigh-Durham area shows great promise.

Raleigh and Durham, though often combined in thought and speech by the rest of America, are two separate and distinct cities. Locals are quick to point this out. The individual cities are both growing rapidly. According to the Census Bureau’s latest report, Raleigh is now the 42nd largest city in America, while Durham is the 79th. The Raleigh metro area was the 16th fastest growing metro area in the nation and helped North Carolina’s population top 10 million last year.  In many reports, the two are combined into the Triangle region, another Carolina powerhouse. Raleigh-Durham has garnered a number of accolades, including the #2 spot on the Forbes list of Best Places for Business and Careers in 2015.


Instagram: Promote without “Promoting”

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Mallie Rust by Mallie Rust, Content Marketing Intern at RealMassive

Photographs can be a critical tool in your commercial real estate marketing arsenal. They’re an easy way to convey features that don’t translate in text, and they generate strong engagement rates on social media. Twitter posts with pictures receive 150% more re-tweets and photo posts on Facebook account for 87% of a given Facebook page’s engagement.

CRE firms and professionals can capture a tremendous amount of value from B2B marketing on Instagram, but not necessarily by following traditional models. Case in point: CBRE and its dynamic Instagram account.