Old School or Obsolete?

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Mark Daniel Guest Post by Jeremy Neuer, Senior Vice President at CBRE East Brunswick
First, thanks to the RealMassive team for inviting me to guest blog. The instructions were simple: write something interesting about the leasing process or technology. Hopefully this post delivers.

I was recently asked when the corporate real estate industry would fully embrace technology. This is a tough question! My initial answer was that tech would be fully integrated once the decisions were being made by 30-somethings instead of 50-somethings. But once I really thought about it, I realized that it would happen sooner.


The Most Profound Way Technology Will Impact the CRE Industry

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Michael Beckerman CEO of The News Funnel Guest Post by Michael Beckerman, CEO at The News Funnel
The most profound way technology will impact the commercial real estate industry…

There has been so much talk about how the CRE sector will be significantly impacted by technology. For me, I have spent the past five years in the field and have also been fortunate enough to be able to track much of the tech startup scene in real estate with my own site. Having a front row seat on this growing sector, it has been very interesting to see that many of the early predictions turned out to be either premature, widely inaccurate or just flat out wrong.

The talk of “brokers being displaced”… not gonna happen!

The talk of “massive disruption in the way the business operates”… not happening!

“Billions upon billions of startup capital coming into the sector”… not quite there yet!

And I could go on and on about other predictions that just haven’t materialized yet. And that makes sense. The CRE tech sector is still so young and in its infancy that it’s going to take time and patience to really see it achieve meaningful impact on the real estate landscape.

However, I think there is one area that gets overlooked that has had a big impact already. And personally, I think it’s the most profound and most obvious area.


Don’t Miss @Equalman at #SIORFWC2016

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Michael Beckerman CEO of The News Funnel By RealMassive, Interview with Erik Qualman, #1 Best Selling Author & Speaker
Friend of the firm and fellow Austinite, Erik Qualman, will keynote the 2016 SIOR Fall World Conference in New York. Earlier this year, we featured Erik and other CRE leaders in The New #CREcosystem, an influencer report outlining trends shaping the modern commercial real estate landscape. Erik is an internationally recognized expert in digital marketing and social media, making him a  natural fit for CRE audiences. He and his firm help organizations understand the implications of social and digital media on our daily lives – and how businesses can tap the power of social to shift their marketing costs and reach consumers directly. Below you’ll find a few helpful hints on how to invest in digital and integrate modern marketing into your CRE business.