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Data Points That Matter When Comparing Markets

What data points really matter when comparing commercial real estate markets for future investments or business opportunities? Market revitalization and successful economic redevelopment depend on a variety of variables working in sync. More than that, it requires thoughtful planning and an opportunistic mindset to take advantage of the right circumstances at the right time. Having

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boston infrastructure

How Infrastructure Initiatives Impact CRE Prices

Cities of all sizes are constantly developing and redeveloping infrastructure needs to meet changing population demands and improve growth opportunities. Think of the major infrastructure initiatives like the Big Dig in Boston, or adding light rail transit in Californian cities.  These are examples of initiatives that continue to impact commercial real estate pricing, especially as

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mall vacancies opportunity

Mall Vacancies: Uncovering the Opportunities

According to the Wall Street Journal, shopping mall vacancies hit a 7-year high last fall. Despite the mass closing of big-box stores, those with an eye on economic development can find opportunity in vacant malls to capitalize on the current economy. Rather than going down with the ship, it’s time to think about the retail experience in

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Chrysler Building For Sale

What’s Next for the Chrysler Building?

Chrysler Building Shakes Up #CRE in the Concrete Jungle What happens when an iconic figure in a city’s skyline (and possibly the world’s most recognizable) ends up on the market? For the Chrysler Building in NYC, it may mean becoming the subject of another Amazon expansion. Just months after Arlington, Virginia’s victory in the Amazon

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Are You Ready to Be a Landlord? The high return on investment comes with many responsibilities

Purchasing an office building or other commercial real estate property is a lucrative investment. It’s an asset that appreciates in value, and having ongoing and steady tenants means a continuous cash flow. Investing in a building with tenants means you’ll become a landlord, which comes with a wealth of benefits and challenges. Making a commercial

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Avison Young is Modernizing CRE

A Conversation with the Avison Young Austin Office We are honored to partner with forward-thinking industry pros Mike Kennedy and Andrew Alizzi at the Avison Young Austin office. From data to marketing to analytics, we wanted to know how technology accelerates their business. Here are just a few highlights from our chat with Mike and

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The Consumerization of #CRE

by Mike Westgate, Vice President of Marketing at RealMassive During my days at Microsoft, former market share minorities iPhone and iPad invaded the enterprise like a tsunami. Initially, corporate IT teams resisted Apple-tech due to the complexities of supporting multiple platforms and perceived security risks. With a huge Windows and Office install-base to protect, we

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5 Times Atlanta Breathed New Life Into Old CRE

By RealMassive Tired commercial space challenges developers and begs the question: demolition or renovation? In many cases, the question can be creatively answered with brilliant results. The key is in playing up the unique or vintage features that make these properties appealing. In Atlanta, developers have breathed new life into outdated and unused space in

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