6 Reasons Businesses Love Rochester, MN

By RealMassive     Rated as one of the top cities for doing business in the country by Inc. Magazine, Rochester is favored among both home-grown and national brands. In fact, according to Rochester Area Economic Development, Inc., Rochester and the surrounding communities have been recognized for their collaborative and innovative spirit —ranking number three

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Why #CRE Should Pay Attention to NERDS

by Evan Santos, Partner Relations at RealMassive     2016 has been the year of NERDS. We’re not talking about “nerds” portrayed in movies with thick glasses and pocket protectors. We’re talking about the five office markets that you should be keeping an eye on for strong talent, affordability, and investment opportunity. At the end of 2014,

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Charlotte CRE Sales Near $1 Billion

By RealMassive     Commercial real estate sales nationwide hit $543 billion last year, which is not far below 2007’s all-time peak of $573 billion. That mark may well be surpassed in 2016, as industry experts predict growth of nearly 7%. The Charlotte commercial market is a major contributor to that growth. According to data

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5 Must-Know Trends in the DFW Retail Market

By RealMassive     In June, The Crescent, uptown’s popular mixed-use complex, unveiled the results of a $33 million renovation project, the first since The Crescent’s opening in 1986. That opening triggered extensive development throughout the area, which has become more pedestrian-centered over the years. The renovation project was in part intended to accommodate this

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3 Ways the Jacksonville Skyline is Changing

By RealMassive   With its spectacular setting along the St. Johns River, downtown Jacksonville is the sparkling center of the community. Iconic towers and the striking Main Street Bridge are part of the city’s character, and so is its constant evolution. The downtown district, as well as the JAX beaches, are home to some of

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Raleigh-Durham: A Market on the Rise

by Jenn Hoffman, Partner Relations at RealMassive The emergence of 18-hour cities is a hot topic, and these secondary cities are continuing to grow in their momentum. An 18-hour city is typically characterized by an above-average urban population growth, a thriving economy, and a lower cost of living, according to Investopedia. Among these cities are Austin,

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