Women Leaders in CRE & Tech: Part I with Diane Danielson

Analisa Goldblattby Analisa Goldblatt, Marketing Manager at RealMassive
As a woman in a historically male-led industry, I’m in constant pursuit of inspiration and growth opportunities. I’ve found that there is a wealth of resources and networks to help me build a career and ultimately become a leader in both real estate and tech. For my first in a series of “fireside chats” with established female leaders, I was honored to chat with Diane Danielson, COO of SVN Global. We originally connected with Diane to capture her insights on trends shaping the modern Retail #CREcosystem. Please feel free to share her amazing insights with your network and stay tuned for future spotlights.

What first attracted you to commercial real estate?

It was a combination of factors that attracted me to commercial real estate. First, I grew up in one of the premier planned communities, Columbia, MD. Designed by James Rouse in 1967, our community had carefully planned neighborhoods that were inclusive of all races, incomes, interests and religions. That was a living lesson in how real estate matters. Later on at Boston College Law School, I earned a place on the Environmental Law Review and further developed my interest in how we use land in a sustainable and sensible way. Commercial real estate tells the story of a community. It touches all we do and it changes as we change. It’s a key driver in our economy and I wanted to be involved.

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Consumerization blog pic-01

The Consumerization of #CRE

“Mike" by Mike Westgate, Vice President of Marketing at RealMassive

During my days at Microsoft, former market share minorities iPhone and iPad invaded the enterprise like a tsunami. Initially, corporate IT teams resisted Apple-tech due to the complexities of supporting multiple platforms and perceived security risks. With a huge Windows and Office install-base to protect, we wanted to believe the levy would hold indefinitely. Guess who won? Modern, tech-savvy professionals in all sectors began demanding work-life consistency resulting in new ergo-friendly workstations and flexible remote arrangements. All of which required support for their personal tech devices.


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“Property Go” – VR in the Built Environment @ SXSW 2017

RealMassive By RealMassive

What is the SXSW Panel Picker?

The SXSW PanelPicker is a “process that allows the SXSW community to have a significant voice in programming SXSWedu, SXSW, and SXSW Eco conference activities (presentations, panels, discussions, demonstrations, etc.).”

This year, RealMassive’s Mike Westgate teamed up with Foundry Commercial’s Julie Augustyn and Digital Influencer Ryan Dennis to promote a SXSW conversation around commercial real estate (CRE) and modern technology.

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Example of great branding consistency

Branding Collateral in CRE

by Brittany Omansky, Customer Experience Manager at RealMassive
Jeff Bezos, founder of, said it best: “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” For CRE professionals and firms, branding is especially important. Strong branding is a way to differentiate in a crowded market and increase customer loyalty.

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Pop-Up Shops and CRE

Mallie Rust by Mallie Rust, Content Marketing Intern at RealMassive
What do Modcloth, Kanye West, and Marmite all have in common? If you guessed “pop-up shops,” you’re correct! All three of these brands opened temporary stores, and those stores generated major buzz in the news and on social media.
Marmite Pop-Up shop (Source: Gilda, Flickr)

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Instagram: Promote without “Promoting”

Mallie Rust by Mallie Rust, Content Marketing Intern at RealMassive

Photographs can be a critical tool in your commercial real estate marketing arsenal. They’re an easy way to convey features that don’t translate in text, and they generate strong engagement rates on social media. Twitter posts with pictures receive 150% more re-tweets and photo posts on Facebook account for 87% of a given Facebook page’s engagement.

CRE firms and professionals can capture a tremendous amount of value from B2B marketing on Instagram, but not necessarily by following traditional models. Case in point: CBRE and its dynamic Instagram account.

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Post #RECon16

Getting Social at #RECon16

“Mike" by Mike Westgate, Vice President of Marketing at RealMassive

I’m not new to retail, having spent past lives in marketing and sales at General Mills and Sara Lee. I am, however, new to the CRE side of the house. By quickly learning the nuances of the business and technology that supports smart site selection, I have an appreciation for the marriage of physical and digital branding and the connected consumer experience. For this reason and many others, ICSC’s global conference RECon became a fascinating opportunity. As RealMassive continues to expand and explore the retail vertical within our open and connected marketplace, we opted for digital participation in the conference this year.

Leveraging tremendous momentum behind our #CREcosystem predictions report, we decided to focus the discussion on tech trends propelling retail and create a digital surround-sound leading up to RECon. Partnering with our friend and mastermind of last year’s #ICSCStyle, Julie Augustyn, we lit a “bonfire” and the participation has been overwhelming.

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A RealMassive CRE Building Beacon

CRE on The Physical Web

JasonBy Jason Vertrees, Chief Technology Officer at RealMassive
I just got back from Google’s flagship developer event, Google I/O. It was three days immersed in the present and near future of what’s possible in technology. Though there were many major headlining technologies like self-driving cars, Google Assistant, Project Tango, Project Ara, and deep learning, I’m going to focus this article on one technology I found to be immediately applicable to commercial real estate (CRE): the Physical Web.

The Physical Web provides a digital existence to real, tangible objects around you. It allows you to walk up to and interact with physical objects in totally new ways. Such generalizations aren’t terribly clear, so let’s consider two simple examples.

First, consider looking for office space downtown. You’re walking down 5th Avenue. You pull out your phone and see that the building in front of you is on the Physical Web. You click on the notification, like that shown in Figure 1, and are taken to the building’s web page on RealMassive, which shows the building’s availabilities in real time for free. There is one space left, and it happens to be the perfect size, with a reasonable asking rate.

Let’s look at another example. You arrive at your office before work hours, so the door is locked. You pull out your phone, knowing the security doors are on the Physical Web. You tap your phone to interact with the doors. It connects and asks you to prove who you are. You use the fingerprint scanner on the back of your phone and the doors unlock.

These are actions that the Physical Web are starting to afford us. Let’s take a quick look at how it all works, then consider a few more possibilities.

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