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April 17, 2018

Going Digital: Why It’s Time to Expand Your Online Listings and Marketplaces for Commercial Real Estate

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Prospects start their listings online

When we’re looking to buy airline tickets, we have no problem scanning half a dozen sites (and multiple airlines) to find the best price and the right time with the fewest layovers.

When we’re buying a new grill, we scour not only Amazon but Home Depot, Target, Lowe’s and everywhere else to see not only what the prices are, but reviews and everything else we need to know before committing.

The same is true for CRE: just as we scroll through multiple sites for everything we’re searching for, prospective tenants and buyers are doing the same for commercial properties.

The vast majority of property searches start online. So, if you want to get in front of the right audience, you need to have an online presence on multiple listing sites.

Here are some reasons why CREs should make the jump to online listings:

Prospects constantly browse listings

In today’s digital era, prospects are constantly Googling and searching for their ideal property listing—and, not only are they constantly looking, but they expect to be able to look on their own. Instead of kicking it old school and waiting on properties being sent to them, the market has been trained to look everything up online before they even want to consider a deal.

Quality CRE marketing materials

It seems obvious, but it can’t be overstated: the amount of leads generated for a listing is a direct result of the number of people a listing gets in front of. While you need high-quality photos of your property, you also need to be driving a lot of traffic to see it – and quantity becomes a quality all in itself. Which leads us to:

Syndication websites provide valuable leads

Putting your listings on multiple sites enables you to expand your reach with minimum effort. This, in return, provides you with more leads.

Any website that has quality traffic and understands and utilizes search engine optimization will get your listings to the top of searches on Google.

The traditional deal-making in CRE – over lunch or a round of golf – isn’t going away. But putting your listings on multiple websites expands your reach with little extra effort.

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