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April 24, 2018

Open More Doors: How to Use RealMassive’s Marketplace to Get in Front of Buyers

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How to boost your online commercial property listing presence

Sometimes, even before you have the commercial property listing, you immediately know who would be the perfect tenant (or buyer). You don’t need to go through all of the processes of marketing the property, you just have to make that one phone call and you have a deal.

Too often, that perfect tenant doesn’t immediately appear out of thin air (or passes on the property). That’s when expanding the number of potential tenants you can reach really makes a difference.

How to Expand Your Reach

There are countless tried-and-true ways, but there is one that is less commonly used than the others: putting your commercial property listing on multiple listing sites.

At RealMassive, our Marketplace offers flexibility, control, and automation to give a full presence to your properties, people, and firm. Our main goal is to connect every person and place in a modern, global CRE marketplace. So, by syndicating your online listings with us, and not just on a single platform, your properties have a better chance to get in front of the right buyers.

Here’s how our Marketplace can help get your listing in front of buyers:

We serve as a localized presence in a national marketplace

Our marketplace has a national reach, but we have localized markets across the country that targets specific traffic to our site. We understand and utilize our CRE marketplace to make sure your commercial property listings end up in front of the right prospects.

Comprehensive Data Presence

The best thing about listing your properties on our website? It’s always free to list and search in our open, connected marketplace. Although we tap into big data and have over five billion square feet of properties listed on our site, our information is comprehensive. We created this marketplace as a tool for prospects, CRE brokers, investors, owners, and tenants, so it’s user-friendly, easy, and free to navigate.

Through our marketplace, we hope to provide tenants with the information they need to make an informed purchase decision as well as provide owners with an opportunity to market their properties quickly and easily. If you’re wanting to open up more doors for your brand, let’s talk about how to get your online presence and CRE listings in front of the right prospects.