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May 18, 2017

How your Office Culture Generates Success

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How your Office Culture Generates Success

Does your workspace reflect or enhance the office culture you desire? More than likely it reflects an office culture, but does it reflect the one you want? Walk into someone’s home and you probably get a good idea of what they are like, you probably get a good sense of their interests, their passions, what is important to them. Most of us put careful thought into how we design and organize our house to reflect our personalities and what we love, our design impacts how we feel about our home. We spend just as much time if not more at work, but often times our office is not given the same consideration.
A workspace ought to reflect what the organization cares most about, and be designed in such a way that it complements how the people work individually and as a team. When an office is designed with the needs and opinions of the employees and the clients in mind, creativity, productivity, collaboration, engagement, health and happiness all increase and significantly improve morale and ROI.

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Understand the perspective of your clients
If your office is likely to be visited by customers and clients, even on a relatively rare basis, it is worth putting some thought into their view of your working space. When they walk in do they get an understanding of your values? Your office is your business card, it’s your portfolio. If I’m a client walking into the office in need of a creative ad campaign, I’m looking to see if you can think outside of the box and at the same time have faith that you can provide me with professional and quality output. If I’m an investor walking into the office to see who I’m putting my money behind, I’m looking to see that you are spending my money responsibly, while still showing pride in your brand.

Understand the perspective of your employees
Studies show that employees regard their workplace surroundings as a symbol of whether or not they are being valued by their employers. You can’t be asking for more collaboration and the cross-pollination of ideas while placing your teams behind cubicles. While at the same time you can’t have everyone in an open plan environment, knowing there are tasks that will be difficult to perform without some privacy.
Don’t allow the fact that your office isn’t one having clients or investors coming in as an excuse not to think of how your design reflects your culture. If you are trying to hire new talent and they have two offers, compensation and benefits will more than likely be comparable. The very next thing they will consider will be the workspace. Office culture doesn’t have to mean “Google,” and it doesn’t have to blow your budget, but it should be carefully considered when thinking about office design. Creating an office space that reflects your company culture can be hugely valuable, both for uniting employees and for creating a welcoming and unique space for visiting customers and clients. So, when I walk into your space, will I understand the culture you desire?

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Contributed by Peggy Scott, and the CBI Austin Team