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May 7, 2018

Open Data – What the Numbers are Showing in the Oklahoma City Market

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A look at What’s Happening Right Now in Oklahoma City’s Commercial Market Data


Yesterday is old news.

In commercial real estate, it’s always about what’s next. That’s why CREs are always painstakingly getting as much info on the market as they can, keeping their data as up-to-date as is humanly possible. It’s a competitive advantage to have better data, period.

Unfortunately, most data firms are perpetually working with data that’s a few weeks old. But that’s what we’re here for. We’ve been hard at work for years to develop a system that is always up-to-date, giving you the most accurate information about Oklahoma City that exists.

With our platform that covers 62,273,796 square feet of commercial space in the Oklahoma City metro area, we’re in a great position to help you out.


The average asking price up through May 7, 2018 for commercial properties in Oklahoma City is $13.02/sq ft.

It’s $15.06/sq ft for Retail

It’s $16.87/sq ft for Office

It’s $7.12/sq ft for Industrial.


The average property size is currently 73,611 sq ft.

It’s 72,221 sq ft for Retail

It’s 106,599 sq ft for Office

It’s 42,012 sq ft for Industrial.


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