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“This thing is so cool, I think I now want to date you.”

-Satisfied Customer

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Never present market surveys with stale data.
As listings update in real-time, so will your surveys. You will receive a notification when spaces in your survey go off the market or when spaces that meet your search criteria become available.

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Save Time

Do more of what you love. Save up to ten hours per week creating and updating surveys with our customizable and printable surveys.

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Real Time Collaboration

With real-time collaboration, everyone stays up to date—which means no more emailing back and forth.

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Make it Your Own

Brand surveys with your logos, color schemes, and personalized text. Show only the data that you want to show and reorder spaces on-the-fly.

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Map It Out

When you add spaces to a market survey, we will generate detailed maps for each listing. Use them for tours, brochures, and digital media campaigns.


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Market Data Tools Made For You

  • Get notified when your saved spaces are updated by anyone.
  • Customize your saved spaces.
  • Print your surveys with floorplans and custom maps


Automate your efforts with Printable Market Surveys and other research tools

Updating your market surveys has never been so easy. Customize to reflect your brand and download to print when ready.