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With Project Atlas we build the maps for you – simply upload the data, tell us what the final image should look like, and we’ll send over the completed project, which can still be modified by you once received. Or, import the data directly into Project Atlas to build your own visualizations without our assistance.


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How It Works

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Opportunity and Risk Visualization

The Project Atlas mapping platform will help your team produce visually pleasing and more meaningful risk and opportunity visualizations in a fraction of the time traditionally spent.

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Reduce Risk, Discover Opportunities

Use data supplied by RealMassive, alongside your own uploaded data-sets, to watch historical and forecasted market dynamics.

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Animate Data to Visualize Trends

Use the animation tool to visualize dynamic market changes such as rents, vacancies, demographics and crime across months, years or decades.


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To view the FAQ and Project Atlas how-to videos, be sure to check out the Help Center or visit the Community Forum.