Simplify your search

With thousands of listings on the market, finding the right space has never been so simple.

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Browsing through listings should be fast and easy. CRE pros stock RealMassive with accurate and beautiful listings, so stale data will no longer slow you down.

Find your space

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Search accurate, market-fresh listings

Too often, commercial real estate listings are stale and inaccurate. When we say “real-time,” we mean that our listings move WITH the market, not behind it.

  • Listing reps maintain their own availability data, so it stays updated.
  • Quick and powerful search helps you find what you need.
  • Free and unlimited listing and searching.

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Create and share interactive and printable custom market surveys

Keep your team involved with access to real-time surveys of your favorite spaces.

  • Receive updates when spaces in your survey go off the market or when recommended spaces that meet your criteria become available.
  • Invite colleagues, clients, and other decision makers to collaborate on your market survey in real-time.
  • Choose what’s relevant to you. Show or hide over 30 pieces of information for each space.

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Understand your market *for Pro and Business Subscribers

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Improve your negotiating power

With our accurate, real-time market data, you can see how your individual listings or a collection of spaces are performing against the rest of the market.

  • Build a survey of spaces that resemble your ideal space. We will automatically build an analytics dashboard for you.
  • Watch the data change in real-time as properties are leased or added to the market.
  • Get detailed insights into how your spaces compare to similar spaces in the market.

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You Have a Right to Your Space Analytics…  

Analytics on your listings are no longer a mystery. RealMassive gives you access to real-time data on each of your spaces, from webpage traffic to notifications of similar spaces that come on the market.

…Along with Your Survey Analytics

Use a market survey to collect the spaces you’re interested in and keep an eye on the rest of the market. When spaces that are similar to the ones in your survey become available or get leased, we will give you a heads up so that you’re always ahead of the curve.

Access premium research tools and find the perfect space

Spend less time searching through listings and more time closing deals.