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December 19, 2017

The Benefits of Real-Time Data Management: Save Time & Increase Accuracy

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It’s not a stretch to say that business happens in real-time. Doors open and possibilities present themselves at a moment’s notice, and inaction can mean missed opportunities.

At the same time, information has become one of our most valuable commodities. Without accurate, up-to-date data, decision-making is instinctual rather than informed.

These facts are leading commercial real estate towards a new trend: real-time data aggregation.

What Real-Time Data Means

Real-time data effectively is information that is constantly being updated. In short, real-time data gives you the ability for more thorough analysis: the less time you spend gathering the data, the more you have to analyze its meaning.

It has been a trend in consumer-facing industries for a while: for example, when you’re booking a flight online or ordering an Uber. Once it becomes commonplace, you expect the information to be accurate to the minute and it marks a paradigm shift for an industry.

In commercial real estate, however, we haven’t encountered that shift yet. In the past, information on assets or leasing data was often looking back two or three weeks at best. To get the whole picture of what was going on in an entire market today, you would need a robust network and a lot of legwork to get an accurate snapshot.

The good news: that’s beginning to change.

How Real Time Data Benefits You

If a client or prospect has ever asked a question about the market and you’ve had to answer, ‘let me get back to you,’ real-time information can change how you do business.

Having an up-to-date portfolio of your agency’s listings streamlines the search experience and allows you to promote and lease properties more rapidly. What’s more, being able to keep track of market-wide trends and availability as they’re happening, rather than after-the-fact, enables you to make more informed decisions and give you a competitive advantage.

What’s Next

At RealMassive, our goal is to give you flexibility and control over your listings with automated, real-time data management tools to ensure you have your full marketplace presence at your fingertips at all times. We’ve been working hard to develop pioneering tools that not only give you the ability to better promote your listings, but to see market-wide data in real-time so that you can focus on taking advantage of changing trends rather than wasting resources to discover if they are happening.