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December 2, 2019

RealMassive Launches Real-Time CRE Data Visualization Platform

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RealMassive Launches DataQu, a Real-Time Commercial Real Estate Data Visualization Platform to Provide the Industry with Access to the Latest Market Activity

With DataQu, commercial real estate professionals can access timely, comprehensive information on over 30 million on and off-market properties nationwide.


AUSTIN, Texas, Dec. 3, 2019 — RealMassive, commercial real estate’s real-time data provider and marketplace, announced today the launch of RealMassive DataQu. The data visualization platform provides the industry with a single software solution to access and evaluate current market activity and historical trends. The company’s advanced proprietary technology combines data sourced directly from individual brokers and owners, trusted third party providers and public databases to provide up to 250 distinct data points on properties nationwide.

With the launch of RealMassive DataQu, professionals who invest, own or provide commercial real estate services can enhance their research and analysis by eliminating the need to rely solely on historical data or quarterly reports. DataQu enables these individuals to analyze trends and activity in their market through the combination of historical property data and real-time available listing data and adjust their strategy accordingly.

RealMassive DataQu offers software subscription options that provide customers with the freedom and flexibility to choose and pay for only the data they need. Options range from individual software seat licenses, multi-seat subscription packages with data export functionality and API Access for easy integration.

DataQu subscribers have the option of purchasing access to data based on geographic locations as small as a single zip code to as large as the complete nationwide data set. Once their subscription area is defined, customers can choose to supplement their data access with additional property details such as owner contact information, comparable sales, tax and finance data

“Commercial real estate has lacked a data platform that empowers and enables everyone in the industry to benefit and innovate,” said Mike Clark, CEO of RealMassive. “Our mission at RealMassive is to democratize commercial real estate data and DataQu provides the industry with an alternative platform to stay ahead of market trends that is accessible and affordable for everyone.”

By consolidating these data points, RealMassive DataQu can provide the industry with a single solution that can be easily integrated into existing workflows and exported into proprietary technologies. DataQu’s flexible integration and utilization capabilities allow customers to manipulate, enrich and analyze the data without the restrictions of third-party platforms.

“Our customers were eager for a one-stop solution that is easy to use and free from restriction,” said Clark. “Having access to a data platform with recent, relevant data empowers them to make decisions based on the latest information in the market, resulting in better service, accurate valuations and improved deal flow.”

DataQu is RealMassive’s second real-time commercial real estate technology solution since the launch of its Marketplace in 2014. The free to list and search Marketplace is the industry’s largest real-time listing website that connects people interested in conducting real estate transactions and allows brokers to easily manage and market their properties for free.

To learn more about RealMassive DataQu, please visit or call (855) REAL-CRE or (855) 732-5273 to schedule a DataQu demo.

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