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March 30, 2018

Simplify Your Research: How to Find the Perfect Office Space

RealMassive | Marketplace

Up until recently, it was pretty difficult to see the commercial real estate landscape unless you were a broker. Buyers and tenants had to work with a CRE hand-in-hand for everything from the moment you started your search until you closed on a deal. This slows down Brokers, as they have to manually do all of the research for their clients.

Relying so heavily on Brokers for every pesky detail wasted an immense amount of time and complicated the research process unnecessarily.

For the past few years, we’ve been working to remove this speed bump by developing our Marketplace. It’s easier now than ever before to find available properties on your own and letting your broker focus on providing you with more value: getting you the best deal possible.  Here’s why:

Open and Transparent.

When Commercial Real Estate listings where hidden behind paywalls, it was hard to gauge what was out there without picking your CRE’s brain for hours on end. But now, you can look and see what’s available in your market in three clicks.

This level of transparency and open access empowers you with data and knowledge about the marketplace, enabling you to have a more valuable relationship with your broker than just having them send you listings to look at.

Instead, you can spend your time with them analyzing what works best for your business. What’s more, you don’t have to spend time getting second and third opinions from other CREs as you can see what’s available on your own. When you have all the information, you can make the most informed decisions—rather than relying on the recommendations of a single source.

You know your business.

No one knows your business better than you, or what your needs are. You may begin your search for office space thinking you want a certain kind of space in a certain neighborhood. But, when you have access to wide range of listings in your area, you may discover that the perfect space is something you haven’t even thought of.

Reviewing a long list of properties and having the ability to filter them at your fingertips can help you make the best business decisions regarding location, both now and in the future. Much like the way people search for homes online, you can now search for commercial space, and then work with your broker to close the deal.

At RealMassive, we take transparency seriously. Each of our listings contains a wealth of information: detailed descriptions, photos, leasing information and contact information for the CRE broker representing the property. Check out what we have to offer.