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May 21, 2016

The Pivot from Fashion to Friendship: #ICSCStyle and The #CREcosystem

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Guest Post by Julie Augustyn , Senior Director of Real Estate

theBrokerList and Buildout #DNAofCRE survey revealed some important statistics about the commercial real estate industry. To no surprise, the biggest standout was that 71% of industry professionals cited relationships as the biggest stimulus for winning business.


What is your opinion on using social media as a relationship development tool for CRE?

Last year I had so much fun with the #ICSCStyle campaign. I appreciate the fun post Jesse Tron, ICSC Spokesman, made last year sharing some highlights. What I learned throughout the course of this campaign was that #ICSCStyle had little to do with Style and everything to do with Relationships! I challenge you to also utilize new and creative ways to build relationships, promote your properties, and close deals.

For #RECon15 I sent a personal letter along with leather bands to the top 20 or so ICSC influencers. My intent was to promote the use of the ICSCStyle hashtag during the conference. The idea sprouted as a celebration of the work we were doing together.  


For example, my broker friend Jim could explain to people that he was wearing a tie from the TJX deal he did in a Regency Center. This would promote his work, fashion, tenant, landlord, and more. While we had some really fun “shares,” my favorite part was meeting social media friends in person and also making new acquaintances.

Today, #ICSCStyle is representative of the friendships we have built within our ICSC community. We share similar focus, interests, and goals.  

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Recently I made a new relationship with the team at RealMassive. After seeing their report on the commercial real estate community and innovation called “The New #CREcosystem” (CRE + Ecosystem), it caused a spark! For #RECon16, I am so happy to be partnering with RealMassive to promote that sense of community and innovation with the #CREcosystem. A pivot from fashion to friendship!

However, I still use #ICSCStyle to show off a deal completed:

Or, to show off a favorite dress for a convention. After all, this is the retail industry. But, I am most excited to be building relationships this year as part of the #CREcosystem.  

Are you part of the 71%? Please join me, Linda from theBrokerList, and Mike from RealMassive – Sunday at 5 pm at Aria Sports Bar – to say hello in person!

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This blog was guest authored by Julie Augustyn as part of the #CREcosystem initiative.