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February 8, 2019

It’s About Time for Timely Commercial Data

Andrea Jarvis | Economic Development

Many companies have emerged in the last several years that offer detailed insight on historical commercial real estate (CRE) data, listing comps and market insights. While historical market data is imperative for most CRE entities, timely market insights are just as essential in making the right investment or business decision.

Would you purchase a home based solely off of market data from quarters passed? What about purchasing a car after only seeing a CarFax from three owners prior? Probably not. So why does the CRE industry continue to make decisions based on outdated, and often manually-gathered data?

Look at any major US city. In Austin, new buildings appear and old ones change almost daily. For local residents, the skyline is seemingly unrecognizable, and the streetscape continues to evolve before our eyes. The truth is, the CRE industry hasn’t exactly figured out a way to stay on top of the constant changes in near real-time – until now.

It’s time to check the expiration date on the commercial listing data you rely on to make business decisions.

Economic Development & Timely Commercial Data

Economic Development Offices (EDOs) are dedicated to attracting new businesses to their region and growing its economic future. Unfortunately, they’re limited to relying on dated resources for commercial data and spending an outrageous amount of time conducting research.

Our data solutions provide new possibilities for EDOs and other entities that benefit from timely commercial data. While we currently collect data from 35 markets across the country, we can gather up-to-date listings for any market of any size in as little as two weeks – and update them on a weekly basis. With current market data, EDOs have a competitive advantage and can provide prospects with more than just historical commercial insights.

Learn how our up-to-date commercial listing data can help you connect businesses with the perfect property and close more deals – quickly.