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February 12, 2019

The Ultimate Relocation Checklist

RealMassive | Thought Leadership

If you’ve considered moving your corporate office, retail store or other commercial business, you know how overwhelming the preparation and planning of relocation can be. And the bigger the company, the more challenging the task.

To keep the move moving, get your employees up and running in their new space as quickly as possible. Also, it’s important to plan well in advance so you can maximize resources and minimize cost.

When moving to a new commercial real estate property, a good first step is to form a relocation committee to assist with the planning and execution. Once your committee is formed, you can start checking these relocation items off your list (and modify them as needed for your company).

Pre-move checklist:

  • Hire an expert in #CRE that can help you throughout the process.
  • Solidify new lease and terminate existing contract.
  • Advise employees of the move details (i.e., when and where you will be relocating).
  • Seek out and hire a moving company that can best accommodate the scope of your move.
  • Create a master change-of-address spreadsheet and file change-of-address forms with the post office for mail forwarding.
  • Advise suppliers, contractors, clients and other partners of your new address.
  • Work with telephone, cabling and other service providers to transition with the move.
  • Take inventory of existing furniture and office equipment and place orders for any new needs.
  • Design the floor plan for the new space. As you pack, label furniture and equipment to correspond with the new floor plan.
  • Finalize security needs and procedures as well as confirm insurance coverage for the move.
  • Leverage the pre-move internal committee to help employees prepare for and execute the necessary steps for the move. This includes preparing boxes with labels, cleaning up and purging old files, and distributing any new keys or access cards for the new facility.

Moving day checklist:

  • Ensure computer equipment, phones, furniture and boxes are unplugged and ready to be moved.
  • Plan an emergency contact list to keep all parties in the loop and accessible on moving day.
  • Thoroughly clean out your old space as required by your existing contract.

Post-move checklist:

  • Ensure all telephone, internet and other IT systems are up and running.
  • Transfer insurance to your new location.
  • Confirm that your old lease has been terminated.
  • Audit and pay all moving-related invoices, including any expenses related to new office equipment or furniture.
  • Confirm that all change-of-address updates have been made.

With a little preparation and planning, your move to a new commercial real estate property can go smoothly. Pro tip: Be sure to check with your local economic development office prior to choosing your new space for information on tax incentives, etc.