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October 26, 2016

Unique CRE Brand Solutions with Bryant Commercial

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We sat down to chat with our newest Phoenix partner, Adrienne Bryant of Bryant Commercial, to get her thoughts on firm branding in CRE.

What sets Bryant Commercial apart?

We focus on understanding business owner needs by taking a holistic and collaborative approach with each of our clients. Our 16 year history of representing business owners has provided insights to the challenges business owners encounter, which has helped us form the unique solution that Bryant Commercial provides.

What does customer service mean to you in your business?

Our approach is based upon treating clients as we would want to be treated, which is with integrity, respect, trust, and understanding their needs. Business owners are taking a risk and our company understands those risks. We pride ourselves on delivering forward thinking solutions prior to our client encountering obstacles. We also value creating long lasting relationships based upon the services we provide.

Why is branding important to you?

When Bryant Commercial was founded three years ago, we understood the importance of branding and delivering a message that is not only consistent, but more importantly authentic. Authenticity is a character trait that rings true for who we are individually as well as an organization. On the design side, we took time to research the psychology of color before landing on a brand color and designed a logo that conveys meaning beyond the company name. Out-of-the-box thinking is non negotiable in order to push the envelope and differentiate ourselves from other companies. We are proud to be a funky, woman, and minority owned commercial real estate company, which immediately sets us apart in the CRE industry.

What does the future of brokerage services look like?

CRE is undergoing a major shift in the way business is done, and I’m excited to have the flexibility in our boutique brokerage to take innovative steps forward. One digital area we have invested in is social media, building our followers on channels like TwitterInstagram, and Facebook. Not only do we have a significant following, but we have also converted a handful of these leads into clients.

Why are you partnering with RealMassive?

Bryant Commercial understands that having a digital presence is critical in business. My partner and daughter, Joni Bryant, is a Millennial who has provided a new set of eyes for our company and CRE. She began following RealMassive after seeing a blog in a theBrokerList newsletter. After learning about RealMassive’s platform, I decided that we do not have to follow the traditional, static CRE path. It has become increasingly apparent to us that RealMassive is a game changer for commercial real estate marketing and measurement solutions.

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Bryant Commercial Real Estate is a culture founded on more than 13 years of experience in the commercial real estate industry that extends from Northern California to Phoenix Metro markets. BCRE’S success is derived from its rich history coupled with its ongoing innovation and cutting edge ideas. They value individual merit, but also understand that the aggregate of those individuals provides a result far more powerful.