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October 26, 2020

Verified Contact Information Is CRE’s Holy Grail. This Company Just Made It Free.

RealMassive | Media

This month, Bisnow caught up with RealMassive CEO Mike Clark to discuss the launch of owner contact information to its real-time property data platform, DataQu.

To the uninitiated, it might seem simple to figure out who owns and operates a commercial property. But any real estate professional will tell you that finding an owner’s name — let alone an email address or phone number for a specific person in that ownership group — is a lot harder than it sounds.

Because commercial property ownership is so complex, contact information is often cloaked in layers of LLCs and partnerships. Data providers that claim to offer contact information may only list a generic LLC name. Even if a listing includes a name, that person may no longer work there or may be the owner in name only, with no real connection to the property.

“It’s easy to gather a million LLC names that lead you nowhere,” said Mike Clark, CEO of RealMassive, an Austin, Texas-based commercial real estate marketplace and data provider. “Getting real, verified contact information is one of the most difficult problems for anyone who needs CRE data.”

RealMassive has recently begun offering verified names, job titles, emails and phone numbers for millions of owners to users of DataQu, the company’s real-time property data platform. And unlike the CRE data solutions that charge exorbitant prices for owner contact information, DataQu is free for users through March 31.

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