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January 23, 2017

Warehouses for Rent in Charleston (and How to Find Them)

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If you don’t know where to begin, finding a warehouse for rent in Charleston can be a daunting task. Negotiating deals, determining terms, and signing a lease can be overwhelming if you don’t have a commercial real estate agent to help you nail down a space.

Learning how to find a warehouse for rent in Charleston and hiring the right commercial real estate agent for the job can help get your business up and running in a quicker amount of time.

1. Choose a type of property: Do you know what kind of warehouse space you need? Do you need a standard warehouse, flex space, etc? Are you going to be manufacturing goods or distributing them? All of these questions will help determine which space works best for you.

2. Hire a Commercial Real Estate Agent:I can’t stress enough how important it is to have a professional help you find a warehouse for rent in Charleston. The market is huge, overwhelming, stressful, and fast-paced. It’s best to have a agent on hand who knows how to handle any questions you may have or issues that could arise.

3. Research Properties: Use online tools and websites as well as the professional opinion of your commercial real estate agent to find warehouses for rent that you’re interested in and then GO SEE THEM IN PERSON. You’re never going to get a true feel for the gems a property holds until you set foot inside the place and see it for yourself.

4. Evaluate & Negotiate Lease Terms: Evaluating, negotiating, and renegotiating lease terms is part of a process that can be incredibly stressful and is better left to a professional. A commercial real estate agent will know how to discover hidden expenses, explain what maintenance and utility costs you’re responsible for, may possibly have knowledge or a relationship with the potential landlord, and will know how to negotiate clauses and concessions to your benefit.

5. Sign the lease: Once you and your commercial real estate agent have found the perfect warehouse for rent and negotiated terms, it’s time to sign the lease and hit the ground running!

Do you have further questions about warehouses for rent or sale in Charleston? Feel free to contact me and let’s chat!

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